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Interview: Soviet

With the many thousands of graffiti writers around the world it’s not hard to quickly become lost in a sea of colours, drips, techniques and styles. Each style becomes a variation of those that came before it, and originality is often exchanged for conformity or crippled by poor execution. Lucky for us, USA’s Soviet is […]

Interview: Soem

Not many artists have caught my eye with consistency than the handstyles of Boston’s Soem. I first saw some of his tags via pictures on Instagram and noticed his style, to me, was a influenced by the old-school New York style, but with his own originality added to the flow.
The quality of his tags were made more apparent when he and two others were hand-picked winners of 12ozProphet’s x MTNColor’s handstyle competition recently (there were tons of quality entries, too).
I was lucky enough to have a chat with the man himself to answer some questions about his style, his influences, and his first interests in dropping dope tags.