Canser Handstyle Packs (Free Shipping Worldwide)

$25.00 AUD$65.00 AUD

Canser has been hard at work in the studio to bust out these handstyle packs featuring his various handstyles on stickers and thick card stock. The 24 packs have been grouped into different price ranges depending on the content of each pack. All packs will come with a pack of Handstyler stickers.

  • Platinum Packs (packs 01-06, $65 AUD) have a range of stickers and each also has a large tag done on thick A5 sized card stock, ready for your collection.
  • Gold Packs (packs 07-18, $50 AUD) have a range of stickers, and some have A5 or smaller card stock
  • Silver Packs (packs 22-24, $35 AUD) each have 7 stickers with various handstyles
  • Bronze Packs (packs 19-21, $25 AUD) each have 5 stickers with various handstyles

You can view the contents of each pack by choosing a pack from the dropdown menu below. All packs include free worldwide shipping with tracking. Packs will be sent out at the end of next week, and you will receive your tracking number via email.