Interview: Acroe

When it comes to tagging, flares and style go hand in hand – but not every writer can deliver both. Fortunately for us, Acroe is one of the writers that pulls off both of these things with ease. The USA-based writer is able to deliver quality handstyles regardless of the tool in his hand – fat cap, marker or mop – and isn’t afraid to switch between words including Alwais, Breel & more to keep things fresh. He has sat down to answer a few questions about his style and influences, so read on below to learn more.

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What do you write and where are you based?

I write graffiti, LMAO! But I guess with a non-traditional approach in a sense that I switch it up once in a while. I figured I evolve and go through changes as an extraterrestrial and so should my shit, haha. Plus I get bored easily and it’s always fun to learn and master different letters and letter combinations.

Currently I’m stuck on Acroe, aka Acrobat, Acronympho, A-Crow, AK-RAW, AC, aka the man with a thousand names. Holla Vandala at me while I’m here on Earth, Solar System!


How long have you been writing graffiti for, and what sparked the interest?

I’ve been a humble apprentice of the craft aka a toy since ’97ish when I first discovered that graffiti and hip-hop in general was worldwide and spreading like wild forest fires. Then in 2003, right after high school I started taking it more seriously, and started developing my swag juice.

At what point did you start focusing on tags and your handstyle?

From the start – because that’s the foundation.

Within your home city are there are any other writers that push their handstyles?

Shout out to BRICK CITY 973 and CHILLTOWN 201, which one, haha? Jersey Graff Scene is a bit spread out and cities here in the central and northern region of the state pile up on top of each other. There are writers here from all over the world, it’s a melting pot of cultures, styles and influences so I can’t really narrow it down to one city and my homies.

However, anyone who calls themselves a writer, no matter where they’re at, should be pushing their handstyle, that’s the foundation. Anyone can pick up a can and spray their name or whatever – but there are levels to this shit just like with anything else.

What have been your inspirations on your handstyle, both inside and outside of graffiti?

I guess just having my eyes open and paying attention to the scene. Styles from Jersey, NYC, Philladelphia, Boston, LA, Canada to South America and Europian Styles from my travels definitely had a great impact on my understanding of style and flow.

Can’t deny the effects of social media with its boom in global image sharing. Even though a lot of people like to say it ruined graff in some ways, I still think that it had a more positive effect in terms of connecting writers worldwide. Real will always recognize real, no matter the platform, and those faking the funk can get as gassed up as they want….THE GAME doesn’t care about the hype. To me its all about the ACtion and self progression.

To wrap up I think Influences can come from anywhere really but majority I’m sure come from the letter structures and of course, from individual’s inner CHI.

Are there any artists featured on Handstyler that have caught your eye?

I know too many to mention too few names.

If you could only do tags with one tool for the rest of your life, what would it be, and why?

Ultrawides, just because of its massive effect – and it feels like you bustin a nut on a wall. #graffporn

Where can readers find more of your work online and follow your progress?

Just my IG @acroyak and around the world – coming to a wall near you soon! Stay tuned.

What’s one song you’d recommend everyone to listen to whilst checking out the rest of your stuff?

Craig Mack – Flava In Your Ear

Any shoutouts?

Shout-out to all my homies, the Ones and Onlys – You Already Know, And It Don’t Stop, Burning All Major Cities, Searching For Gold, Helping Create Balance, Que Mas, Do Not Ask, Forever Young, Made Of Knowledge, ReSisTance, ACAB, & Shout out to all the OGs of the Graff game and all the G.O.D.s of the Life Game. Shout out to all my fans and followers on the IG and BIG UP to for bringing the art of handstyling to all of you suckas.

If you haven’t already seen, check out the Acroe Down Under video, and be sure to Follow Acroe on his Instagram page.

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