Australian Export feat. Siege ACM

Video: Australian Export feat. Siege [ACM]

Handstyler is pleased to bring you Australian Export, a new video series featuring Australian writers busting out handstyles using only Australian Export cans.

Australian Export is known to many Aussie writers as the first brand of paint they do graffiti with. Generally found in hardware and 2 dollar stores, its limited colour range and stiff valve system provides an excellent training ground in can control for both pieces and handstyles. Whilst Americans and other countries abroad are brought up on a graff diet of Rustos and Dulux, doing entire pieces only with Exports is seen as a challenge that only writers of the highest calibre can admit to doing.

In the right hands it also lends itself to some impressive handstyles due to the cans sporting a chisel-tip nib. This series will focus on that fact, and showcase writers using colours from the brightest chrome to the watery whites. To go with the theme of the video series, music will be provided by Australian producers and beatmakers, keeping this a 100% Aussie affair.

The first writer in the Australian Export series is Melbourne’s Siege of ACM crew. Whilst he is known more for his cleanly-executed straight-lined pieces, his handstyle contrasts that by bringing in more of a flowy, cursive approach. Handstyler was sent in this video of what looks like a killer looking abandoned environment that was begging to have some of his style added to it – which it seems he got busy in doing so. Follow Siege on Instagram

The music to compliment the video belongs to Melbourne hip hop producer, Kharniclassix, bringing a dark hip hop track littered with cop sirens and spray paint samples. Check out his socials here: Soundcloud | Instagram | Facebook

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