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Pentel MWP30 Chisel Paint Marker
Zackery J. (United States)

Really trustworthy and got all the products I ordered. Very good quality markers too 👌

Stickers N Markers

Took a little time to make it but it was worth the wait !!

Apologies for the slow shipping, Manuel, but I'm glad it was worth waiting for. Enjoy sticking those up!!

Sakura Solid Paint Marker
Asher (Australia)
Yellow Sakura solid

Amazing solid, great price

Thanks for the review, Asher! Enjoy that marker 🙂


Muy buena calidad, sin duda compraré más, un saludo.

Good stuff

Postage was fast, products exactly as described gonna put em to good use

Uni Paint PX-30 Chisel Paint Marker
michael b. (United States)

The order was wrong...I was supposed to get 3 markers and I only received 2 & some other marker that I didn't order

Hi Michael, I'm very sorry to hear there was a mistake with your order - this is the last thing I want...! I will be getting in contact via email to figure out what happened here.

Great Pen

I Love this lil guy! Metal bodied, and xylene based! Kinda smells like blueberries which is cool too. Definitely will be buying it again! 🙂

The N50 really is a great classic marker. The metal body means its super durable, and the nib is also quite durable as well. The sweet smell is from the xylene, which is used as a thinner (and is why it flows so well). Thanks for dropping a review!

Awesome Marker

Definitely a big- and I mean big- marker. I use them for slaps but they work well on the streets too. It has a nice, crisp chisel tip also. The free stickers were cool too. Big ups to Handstyler also!

Yep this is a big boy marker for sure! That chisel tip is definitely a nice one to use, and the ink is permanent - in fact, it's the same ink found in the Pentel N50 and N60 markers. Enjoy using it!

Great lil marker

This is by far these best white marker for the streets out there. Fits in your pocket perfectly. The only problem I have with it is that if you don’t clean out the inside of the cap it is quite hard to pull off. But other than that, definitely a great buy! Big ups to Handstyler! Keep up the good work!

Yep, these markers are super opaque and the durable nib means you can get a lot of tags out of it. And yeah, if the paint dries then it can definitely get a bit sticky, though I guess permanent paint has its tradeoffs! Thanks for the review, Hank 🙂

Cool Marker

This pen is a small, but a big hitter. It’s pocket sized and is easy to hide. The correction fluid is very opaque and paper like, hence the name liquid paper. Lol

Yep this is a staple in many writers' pockets for good reason. Opaque, metal-tip and a great size. Thanks for the review, Hank!

Great product, slow shipping

It took almost three months to arrive, but the markers are great

Hi Huda,

Sorry to hear your order hasn't arrived yet. Most orders placed just before Christmas (like yours) were delayed slightly, but it's odd that yours hadn't had a tracking update for a while.

I've just raised an investigation with the carrier, and you should have received an email about this.

I'll work with the carrier to find out where the package is and be in contact. Thanks for your patience


Looks amazing, easy to peel, hard to buff, perfect size and everything you look for in a sticker this has! More than worth the price:)

Thanks so much for the review, Shaman. Glad you enjoy 🙂


Best markets on the market hands down, it doesn't streak, it has a strong and replaceable nib, it's refillable, it's colors flow amazingly and best of all, it marks on everything! Customer service is an absolute delight, there's no cons for this marker, and to top it all off, it's the cheapest as well:)

Yep, with great paint inside and a solid nib, these are great for small spots or even doing stickers. The paint is the same as the PX-30s, so you know it's quality. Thanks for the kind words and review, Shaman!


Smooth as butter, great colors, amazing opacity, there's really nothing that goes against this marker

For the price and size, these things are a personal favourite. I really like the lid on it too, how it clicks on. I'm glad you enjoy using them too. Cheers for the review!

On point

Colors are amazing, writes on ANYTHING, lasts a while depending on what surfaces you are writing on, smoothe lasts, rough blasts but overall I'm very happy with this marker

These Sakura markers are a staple for many writers for a reason. I've not come across a surface they won't work on. But you're right - if writing over very rough stuff (eg. coarse wood or rust) then you'll see it disappear faster, but that is sometimes the only option! Enjoy, Shaman!

6 stars

Best chrome you will find period. I've tried all other brands including Ironlak, molotow, krink, artprimo, OTR and others but nothing even compares, this marker writes on anything and everything so you can hit up those dirty grimey spots no one else will touch, including buffers, best of all it's refillable and you can get replacement nibs:)

Yep, it's one of the most popular markers for those reasons, so I'm glad you got to give it a good use :). The bling from that chrome will last a long time, too. Enjoy shining up your area.. haha


Doesn't mix when it hits other inks from it's own brand which is amazing for paper pieces, has a great sized nib, glass body, small pocket size, and flows spectacularly, great for stickers:)

Magic Ink is such an underrated brand that makes quality products, and I'm glad you got to enjoy those markers - they are have some amazing ink. Cheers for the review!


Black doesn't streak, lasts a long time, and is a perfect sized chisel nib for stickers, worth every penny!

You're right - it's a good marker for stickers or just in general. Thanks for leaving a review, Shaman!


I love how these are the perfect size to write tags exceeding 4-5 letters and otherwise because they're slightly bigger than alot of other stickers, they don't rip when you're peeling them, and the rainbow contrast fits perfectly with black and most other colors:) hard to go wrong with these guys!

Yep, I purposely made this stickers a bit larger than the rest for those who struggle with normal stickers. I'm glad you like the design, too! Thanks for the review 🙂

Great pen

First to start with the pros: the ink quickly drys and doesn’t smudge.
The cons: it does smell bad and the cap isn’t very easy to put back on.

But overall it’s definitely a good buy.

Thanks for the review, Hank. As the paint uses xylene as a thinning agent, this has a side-effect of being stinkier than normal. Though as you've seen, the stink is definitely worth putting up with... :). As for the marker, I haven't heard that being an issue before. Reach out if it continues to be an issue and I'll see what I can do from my end. Cheers!

This pen is AWESOME!

Yes it’s a bit cheaper than some of the other markers on this website, but it does NOT lack quality! The ink is quick to dry so it doesn’t smudge. It’s a very good pen

Exactly - I think this is an underrated marker for doing all kinds of tags on stickers and blackbooks. Enjoy!

Awesome service

Parcel came with a tonne of slaps for such a small order dope company

I'm glad you enjoyed those extras, and I'm sure you'll enjoy those markers! Thanks for the support 🙂


5 star product, customer service, opacity, flow, and everything you can think of. Doesn't come with much ink but can still bust out 50-100 solid tags so if I never decided to look, I would never have known. Best of all, THIS SHIT WRITES ON EVERYTHING. Also Big thanks to handstyler for being so kind and pleasant to talk to:) if you're on the fence, go for it! You will not be disappointed

Thanks so much for that awesome review, Shaman! You're right about the marker - these are some of the reasons its a top seller on the Handstyler website, and a personal favourite of mine :). And thanks for the kind words!

Sakura Solid Paint Marker
Ashley C. (United States)
Order from the U.S.

I ordered some supplies for my son and he absolutely loved everything!! Not to mention the customer service was excellent! I highly recommend buying from Handstyler!

I'm super glad your son loved the markers, Ashley :). I hope to send him some more in the future! Enjoy!

Really good markers

I expected something good but not like that, its really a pleasure to tag and write with this one. For the delivery, im from France and it was much faster than i expected too.
i will take again from here

There is a reason the Chartpak markers are one of the most popular markers sold on Handstyler, and I'm glad you could find out why :). I'm also glad it got to you quickly, even through a global pandemic. Merci!