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Exhibition Summary: International Hands

The month of August saw two Australian cities – Melbourne and Sydney – host International Hands, the first handstyle exhibition curated by Handstyler. The show featured 22 artists from around the world and aimed to showcase the broad variety and methods found in tagging.

The Melbourne show was hosted by BSIDE Gallery in Fitzroy, and the Sydney show was hosted by Goodspace Gallery in Chippendale. Both shows were a great success and had amazing turnouts.

A huge thanks to everybody who made it out to either show to check out the artwork , and to Verb Syndicate for all the help with the planning and logistics throughout the show’s tour. Also, a big thanks to GROG for supplying some dope Grog Squeezers and Cutters for the raffle winners at each show. Read the press release below, and check out some of the photos and video from the night, too.

International Hands is a group exhibition curated by Handstyler focusing strictly on the graffiti handstyle. The show will be exhibited across two Australian cities, Melbourne & Sydney, and features works from 20 artists from around the world that have been noticed as pushing their handstyles in forward-thinking directions. BSIDE Gallery will host the Melbourne show from 16th-20th August, with the launch night being on the 18th, whilst Goodspace Gallery will be showing the Sydney exhibition on the 30th for one night only.

The tag is usually the first method of expression used by graffiti artists to leave their mark on society. While most artists stop focusing on their tags in pursuit of other aspects of graffiti such as throw ups, pieces and murals, a minority prefer to hone the craft of tagging to develop a handstyle that stands out from the rest. Outside of the graffiti scene, tagging is often seen as a rash on society, with common opinions being along the lines of “I like the colourful graffiti – I just hate the tagging”.

International Hands is a show to demonstrate to everybody – the public and the graffiti scene alike – that there truly is art in a tag. The pieces in the show have come from artists located around the world and as a result each brings a different style to the walls. A mixture of different methods and mediums are used, including spray paint, markers and stickers, which shows the diversity found in tagging.

Handstyler is a brand focused on increasing awareness of the artistic style of tags through the use of both digital and traditional platforms. With a strong online presence, it’s time to bring the handstyles to the walls for everybody to see. Graffiti has always been a mainstay in galleries for the past 20+ years, though focus has usually been limited to pieces and photography. The most important and essential part of graffiti – the tag – now has a chance to be in the spotlight on an international level and showcased in Australia.

For more information, please visit the Handstyler Instagram channel and Facebook events. International buyers, please email [email protected] for PDF catalogue.


Artists in this show:

Acro (USA)
Apexer (USA)
Badypnose (FRA)
Buster (MEX)
Canser (CZE)
Ces (USA)
Cozek (RUS)
Ekser (USA)
Feeceez (USA)
Freak (AUS)
Keep6 (CAN)
Load42 (COL)
Mach (AUS)
Mayonaize (AUS)
Nurse (CAN)
Risote (FRA)
Riteo (AUS)
Sicoer (POL)
Siege (AUS)
Soem (USA)
Sopehs (MEX)
Soviet (USA)
Xeme (HKG

Last night we checked out Handstyler's "INTERNATIONAL HANDS" event at Goodspace Gallery in Sydney, Australia featuring some of the best handstyles from around the world. Check it out!Handstyler: There's Art In A Tag #GRAFFbible

Posted by GRAFFbible on Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Video of the Sydney show at Goodspace by GRAFFbible

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