Exhibition Summary: Sicoer Gets Up In Layup

In August, Handstyler made a trip to Poland where Sicoer worked on his first handstyle exhibition in the city of Gdansk. Gdansk is a small port city on the Baltic sea, and the exhibition was held in Patio Layup – a cool gallery space right on the shipping docks, tucked away from the rest of the city.

Armed with a range of tools from spray paint to markers, Sicoer executed his name in various styles and colours to create an explosion of handstyles that took over the 12×3 meter wall. In addition to the wall, an old school locker was also covered with tags from top to bottom, and he also made use of a huge hole in the wall in the gallery space.

Check out some of the photos below and keep an eye out on the YouTube channel, as a timlapse of him at work will be available soon.

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Sicoer thanks his supporters: Montana Cans, Grog & Patio Layup.


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